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Interested in working abroad, but not sure how to find international jobs or programs? Look no further! Scotia’s Jobs Abroad Wing can help to connect you with the best opportunities all over the world. Better yet, we can help you through the entire process-from choosing a job to understanding visa requirements to finding assistance during your job.

work permit is of course, the easiest way to work abroad but it involves a hectic process of running around from one government office to another for the employer. In the present scenario, when almost all countries are hit by recession, it is next to impossible to convince any international employer to invite a foreign worker on a work permit.

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Work Visa


Explore the world with Scotia Immigrations. Live abroad with a better standard of living, exposure to international job markets, better environment and countless opportunities.
We examine our client’s profile such as their qualifications, education and interests, considering what’s best for them. We shape your lives and careers by translating our years of experience, competence and goodwill to cater to seamless job and migration related services abroad.

Some of the benefits of migrating are:

  • Free education for Children,

  • Pension and healthcare benefits,

  • Work with various employers or start own business,

  • Travel the whole world without a visa.

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Deciding to study abroad is a major decision requiring financial investment. It is often not easy for international students to procure information that can help them make an informed choice about which university, college or school to join and which course to take.

The decision to study abroad is an important decision to say the least. A right decision can take your career to new heights but at the same time, a wrong one can set you behind by huge amount of money, a few wasted years, and most importantly, a career setback. That can cost the highest.

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Study Visa

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