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Redefining the prospect to immigrate, Scotia Overseas has been in the field from the year 2000. Being a leading agency for the past 15 years, we make your immigration to a foreign land as smoothly as possible.

With the success rate of more than 85%, our main objective lies in satisfying the clients with our efficient immigration services. We strive hard for your benefit.

Being in touch with national as well as international lawyers, we are recognized as one of the leading consultants for immigration services.

Scotia Immigration strives to give you credible and accurate advice in a way that is very easy for you to understand. We constantly monitor immigration law and regulations advising our clients on any changes affecting their business, employees or individual applications. This constant monitoring allows us to anticipate changes that might impact on current and future clients and ensures the best possible application result.

It is very important to place your immigration needs in the hands of the most competent professional. By using our services, you are guaranteed responsible, up to date professional services and our best attention at all times.

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